Terms of condition

Article 1: General
1.1 These terms and conditions are for the application and participation of PANASJ/VOETJEBAL organised activities.


Article 2: Definitions

- The term activities means all PANASJ/VOETJEBAL organised activities, with an example of practices, a clinic or a camp.

- The term course fees means the amount that is due to the Panasj related activities, in addition to a potential registration fee.

- The term PANASJ means the hockey school, the term VOETJEBAL means the football school.


Article 3: Duration and layout of trainings

3.1 The duration of the trainings are 45/60/75 minutes long and are taught by one of the PANASJ/VOETJEBAL trained trainers.

3.2 When grouping the players, both the level and age are taken into consideration.


Article 4: Sign up and registration

4.1 Signing up for one of the activities is done through filling in and sending the sign up form on the webiste of PANASJ/VOETJEBAL

4.2 A sign up for one of the activities will only be dealt with if and once PANASJ/VOETJEBAL has received the complete registration form. After signing up, you shall receive an email with a confirmation.

4.3 Sign ups for the registration will be taken care of in the order of entry.

4.4 The player will receive a confirmation email regarding the sign up.

4.5 The player will be placed definitely if the payment terms are finalised.

4.6 In case with too little sign ups, PANASJ/VOETJEBAL shall determine whether the event shall be canceled. Upon cancellation, the player will receive a confirmation one week prior to the activity.


Article 5: Payments

5.1 The total amounts of course fees are outlined per acitivity on the PANASJ/VOETJEBAL website

5.2 Once a player signs up for the first time with PANASJ/VOETJEBAL, they are required to pay 35 euros registration fee. 

5.3 The course fee shall be cashed every period through the use of direct debit. A trainings season with PANASJ/VOETJEBAL is divided in 2 periods.

5.4 You will register your child for the entire season. A season is nearly equivalent to a school year from September until July. The tuition fees shall be deducted in two terms through the use of direct debit. You do not have to do anything after registration. Cancellation must take place prior to the first term (no later than 30th November) or at the end of the season (no later than 31st July). If you wish to unsubscribe, this can be done by sending an email to info@panasjamsterdam.nl. If you do not unsubscribe your child through email, your membership shall continue to the next term/ the next season. 




Article 6. Foreclosure and cancellation

6.1 In case of foreclosure of a player to attend a training session, no refund of the course fees will take place.

6.2 PANASJ/VOETJEBAL reserves the right for cancelled training sessions. In case of a cancelled training session, another catch up session will be sought.

6.3 In case of cancellation by the player one month prior to the activity, there will not be any costs deducted. After this, €35 administration cost will be calculated. Upon cancellation within a week of the activity, 50% of the course fee will be calculated. If there is a cancellation taking place after  the start of the activity, the entire course fee will be calculated. In case there is a serious injury 7 days prior to the activity, the activity can be cancelled without any costs calculated. There is however a doctors certificate to be discussed.

6.4 In case of cancellation by PANASJ/VOETJEBAL, the player will be notified by this change a week prior to the activity. The player will be placed in another group in consulation. If a player cannot be placed in another group, the course fee will be refunded.



Article 7: Teaching materials

7.1 After the first lesson (trial lesson), the player will receive an uniform with a logofrom PANASJ/VOETJEBAL. After the playment of the course fee, this uniform will become the property of the player.

7.2 It is mandatory for the player to wear the uniform during the activities.

7.3 It is mandatory for the player to wear shinpads and a mouthguard during the hockey training.


Article. 8 Liability

8.1 Participation with PANASJ/VOETJBAL organised activities is done at own risk.

8.2 PANASJ is not liable for own damage (direct or indirect) or an injury caused by and/or any other related participation with PANASJ/VOETJEBAL organised activities. The act or omisions of the employees and/or other persons who are employed by or on behalf of PANASJ/VOETJEBAL or of whose services have been used by PANASJ/VOETJEBAL, unless deliberate or negligence can be attributed to PANASJ/VOETJEBAL.

8.3 PANASJ/VOETJEBAL makes use of the facilities from various associations and schools. The player must behave in a correct manner, both on the field and in the dressing rooms. If the player does not confirm, the player can be suspended or removed from PANASJ/VOETJEBAL. In case of damage of any materials or property of the club or school, the player will be responsible to cover the costs.

8.4 PANASJ/VOETJEBAL is not liable for theft and material damage in any form.

8.5 PANASJ/VOETJEBAL is not liable for injuries of the players incurred before, during or after the activity, not for other physical complaints which were already present or not.



Article 9 Photos

All audio- and/or visual recordings created during trainings or other organised activities are property of PANASJ/VOETJEBAL. By signing up, one gives PANASJ/VOETJEBAL the right to use the footage for commercial and promotional purposes.  In case this is not desired, this must be communicated in a written form to PANASJ/VOETJEBAL prior to the activity taking place. 


Article 10 E-mail

PANASJ/VOETJEBAL keeps all the participants informed of activities and promotions through the use of email / website / app and newsletters.


Art.11 Company

It is strictly forbidden to use any information regarding course materials, building materials or materials obtained via PANASJ/VOETJEBAL for their own (commerical) puroses or by providing them to third parties without prior written permission from PANASJ/VOETJEBAL headquarters in The Hague.

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